Industrial Design Engineering

The objective of the course is to prepare graduates for the development and design of consumer goods and vehicles in industrial practice. Such processes and the necessary knowledge and skills differ from traditional engineering design with regards to the users of the developed products, the collaboration with designers, the complexity of geometry and materials and production processes for mass-production.

The content covers:

  • principles and guidelines of embodiment design, with a focus on the design of structures and structural parts and design rules for technologies of mass-production;
  • structural design, with a focus on structures of road vehicles;
  • human-body-centric design: ergonomics, anthroprometrics, vehicle package design;
  • theory and methodology of Industrial Design: vehicle styling, product language, market segmentation, user experience design.

The students will work on a design project in small teams during the semester. The students are evaluated by the results of the project, exams and assignments.

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