Computer Aided Engineering Tools I

A series of self-contained modules to give students the necessary knowledge and practical skills needed for the application of computers and engineering software on engineering problems, specifically in the fields of

  • Parametric 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD),
  • Structural Analysis by FEM,
  • programming of C/C++ code for specific simulation purposes and
  • High-Performance Computing.

The class enables the students to apply the covered tools in other courses as well as research and thesis work and prepares industrial application. At least an introductory standard is established that enables the students to continue to develop their skills by further self-study or self-guided tutorials. The covered software includes commercial and non-commercial products and is constantly revised to keep up with current developments and to balance the requirements of industrial application and academic research.

Download Subject Guide CAET1 2022

Recording of 1st Lesson: First Steps in Creo, configuration